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About Mosquitoes



Why do mosquitoes bite?

Female mosquitoes need protein to live and for the nutrition of their

eggs, so they suck blood from humans or animals.

Male mosquitoes feed only on nectar from plants.


Who do mosquitoes bite more?

Mosquitoes choose their targets by a combination of certain factors rather than a single factor. Contrary to the preference of blood type, which is common belief, carbon dioxide emitted by breathing, odor elements emitted by the smell of skin and sweat, and lactic acid guide the preferences of mosquitoes.


Where do mosquitoes reproduce more?

Even small amounts of still water are sufficient for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and reproduce. For this reason, still waters around living areas and houses should be prevented.


Why do mosquito bites itch?

Mosquitoes inject their two-tube tubing into the skin to suck blood from human skin. Saliva is secreted from one of the tubes into the skin to facilitate the blood flow to be sucked. In the meantime , the body's immunity system activates and releases antihistamine,  against the proteins in the saliva that passes from the mosquito tube to the human skin.

The antihistamine accelerates the blood flow in the nerves and, as a result, causes itching.

Swelling, redness and itching of the skin are normal with this reaction.


How to care with mosquito bites?

First of all, itching should be avoided as much as possible because after itching, skin integrity may deteriorate, irritation may occur, and this may cause infection. In addition, scratching will cause more itching, so it increases the risk of irritation and infection.


A cold press can be applied to the itchy area, and a soothing lotion helps restore skin integrity can be used.

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Do mosquitoes transmit disease?

Yes, mosquitoes can transmit disease. Among the diseases;

Malaria - In a wide geography,

Yellow Fever - Central America, South America and Africa,

Zika Virus - Recently America, in addition to South Asia, Pacific and Africa

West Nile Virus - in a wide geography such as Europe, Middle East, Australia, Africa, America and Canada,

are the most common diseases.


Although there is no common mosquito-borne epidemic in our country, various cases have been encountered in certain periods. For detailed information:


Prevention Methods



What precautions should be taken against mosquitoes?

In mosquito control, there are certain precautions that can be taken individually before using a product.

These are;


  • Make sure there are no stagnant puddles in or around your home.

  • Install mosquito nets on your home windows.

  • Use bed nets.

  • Avoid dark clothes.

  • If possible, choose clothes that will cover exposed parts of your body such as arms and legs.

  • Take a warm shower to reduce the attractiveness of your sweat and skin odor.



Which Product, How To Use?


What is a biocid licensed product? Are products without this license safe?

All products used to repel or combat pests, such as fly repellent sprays, plug-ins, baits or aerosols, must have the Ministry of Health Biocid Product license.


Biocid Product license is granted by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Turkey to the safe products that comply with a set of rules applied in Turkey in compliance with the European Union. These rules are: It includes rules such as the approval of all raw materials used in products by WHO and ECHA , the official testing of the product through laboratories accredited by the Ministry of Health, chemically,

physically and biologically, and including information and warnings for informing the consumer to be included on the label.


Whether a product has a Biocid Product license or not is understood with the license date and number which 

has to be indicated on the


Cosmetic products which do not have Biocid Licence, should be avoided to use.


For this reason, when choosing a product, whether the product has the Ministry of Health Biocidal

Product license or not, must be checked.


What are the repellent or killer products?

In mosquito control, there are two types of solutions as consumer products. First one is

repellent / protective products (Type 19), the other is products that perform the function of killing pests (Type-18).


While insect repellent sprays are applied to the body and prevent pests from approaching, insect 

killer sprays such as aerosol insecticides are used in the indoor area.


How to choose the right insect repellent spray?

First of all, it should be checked whether the product is licensed by the Ministry of Health. Warnings such as age, usage dose, repetition interval should be read on the product label. Expired products with damaged packages should not be used. The products must be stored in accordance with the storage instructions.


What are the rules to be considered when using insect repellent spray?

  • Before use, the label information must be read.

  • The spray should be shaken if notified.

  • It is sprayed from a distance of 15-20 cm to the area to be applied and then spread to all exposed parts of the body with the help of hand.

  • Unless otherwise stated on the label, the products can be applied outside the eye and mouth area, but not on open wounds or areas with impaired skin integrity.

  • Spray particles must not be inhaled.

  • In applications for children, the product should always be squeezed into their own hands by their parents and then applied to the exposed parts of the child's body.

  • The products should always be kept out of the reach of children.


How long do fly repellent sprays last?

The protection period varies according to the active substance used in the products and the ratio of this active substance. For information, see the product label.

Fly repellent sprays should be reapplied after factors such as perspiration or contact with water.


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Which products should be preferred to protect against mosquitoes in closed areas?

Fly repellent sprays are products used both indoors and outdoors.

Electrically powered electrolytes or fly killer sprays that are used by spraying into the environment may be preferred, except for fly repellent sprays in the home or similar indoor environments.


What is the working principle of electrolyte products?

Electrolyte products contain a certain amount of active substance in their bottles. This active substance becomes active when the wick entering the bottle is heated by the resistance inside the device connected to the plug and evaporates and diffuses into the room by absorption. Mosquitoes in the environment leave the environment disturbed by the evaporating particles.


How to choose the right electrolyte?

Like all pest control products, electrolyte products must have the Ministry of Health Biocidal Product license. Attention should be paid to the information on the product such as usage information, expiration date, warnings and precautions. Damaged packaged products should not be used.


What should be considered when using electrolyte products against mosquitoes?


  • Label information should always be read before use.

  • Electrolyte bottle is attached to the machine by turning it.

  • The bottle must be in an upright position while the machine is plugged in.

  • The machine starts warming up a few minutes after it is installed, this indicates that evaporation has also started.

  • The door or window must be open so that the steam spreading in the indoor environment can escape the mosquitoes. In this way, pests will be able to find a way to escape from the emitted steam.


Electrolytic products used for how long?

Many factors such as the formula and weight of the product, the evaporation rate, the raw material of the roving determine the life of the electrolyte products.

The box or label of the product to be used states how many hours of use per day and how many days it can be used.


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