We drive our expertise in consumer healthcare  products on the principle of continuous innovation and longtime experience.


We always care about consumer needs while manufacturing our products that are used by millions of peoples, every day.


Thus, we have leader brands that have been involved in people’s lives for many years.





Netpa Tüketim, is a manufacturer and distributor company, operating in OTC, personal care, FMCG and consumer healthcare categories.


Our company delivers its biocidal, medical device and cosmetic licensed products to millions of consumers, enabling them to live healthier and happier lives.


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Health, Happiness.

Treatment, protection, control.

We care your most valuable health needs in our products. Because we believe that health is, above all, the first condition of happiness.

Continuous Innovation

It is our number one priority to manufacture unique products or to make innovations in our products which makes us exclusive in the market.

Leader Brands

Over 40 years, we own leader brands in consumer healthcare products. Our strength comes from the trust of millions of consumers.



Netpa Tüketim, manufactures and/or distributes category leader brands such as Zerobite Insect Repellents & Insecticides, Sinkov Insect Repellents & Insecticides, Plusnit Lice Repellents & Treatment Products, Wiss+ Sun & Personal Care Products, Killing Insecticides.

Meanwhile, Netpa Tüketim is Turkish Distributor of Mirato – Milmil Group of Italy for Delicé Solaire Sun Care Products.

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