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Zerobite makes human life healthier and safer against pests with its innovative products.


Pest Protection & Fight

Zerobite, with its innovative and specialized products, protects human life against pests and provides a healthier and more comfortable life.

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Product Safety and Design

All ingredients used in Zerobite products are approved by the World Health Organization and the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA).


Expertise & Innovation

Over 40 years of insecticide category expertise, combined with new products and innovations created in existing products.

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Information about the new mosquito species that started to be seen in Turkey.

Click for information about mosquitoes belonging to the Aedes family, their risks and diseases.

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Does the product you use have the TR Ministry of Health Biocidal Product License?

Click for the licenses of fly repellent or killer products and important information concerning the consumer.


Protection, care & struggle. Examine the product categories.

Protection From Plant Extracts

Block flies, mosquitoes and ticks before they reach you with Zerobite's Herbal Extract Repellent Spray.


Relaxation and Vitality

Less itching and redness with herbal-based relaxing body lotion developed against fly and insect bites!

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Fighting Ants and Insects

Home, cottage, office. People in confined spaces

with pests that negatively affect their life

practical and safe way to combat.

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Consumer Friendly Innovation in Fighting the Mouse!

Non-poisonous in rodenticide fight,

Besides being odorless and practical,

innovative hygienic glove content!


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Get detailed information about pests,

Protect your loved ones.

Things to know about pests such as mosquitoes, ticks, cockroaches and ants that can pose a danger to human life. Choosing the right product, correct application methods. All things to do in the fight against pests and prevention.