1. Things To Be Curious About Ticks

Where is it found, how is it removed, does it cause illness?

2. Ticks Prevention Methods

Things to do in open areas and individual precautions

3. Correct Product, Correct Use

Tick repellent sprays.

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Wondering About Ticks

Where is it found, how is it removed, does it cause illness?


Where do ticks live?

In nature, ticks live in places such as grass, plants and bushes. They climb animals and people that come into contact with their environment.

What are the diseases transmitted by ticks?

The most common diseases transmitted by ticks include Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) and Lyme disease. In the spring and summer months, when ticks become active, the number of infections increases. Symptoms of the disease progress with symptoms such as fever, weakness, anorexia, muscle pain, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea and, in severe cases, bleeding.

There is no specific treatment method against Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever, it is progressed with methods in the form of supportive treatment. In addition, there is no vaccine or similar drug for protection, and personal protection methods come to the fore. For details, https://hsgm.saglik.gov.tr/tr/zoonotikvektorel-kkka/detay.html

How to remove a tick?

If a tick is detected in the body, it should be removed with tweezers, by holding it from the closest area to the skin and in the opposite direction to the direction in which it was sunk, without breaking the tick and removing it. Although this procedure is not a surgical intervention, it is recommended to be performed by more experienced personnel in the nearest health institution. Antiseptic can be applied to the place where the tick was removed. The tick should not be exploded by hand while on the body or treated with chemicals, cologne, alcohol or a flaming object. After removing the tick from the body, it must be destroyed immediately. People with ticks on their bodies should be careful about the symptoms mentioned above for 10 days, and if they have these complaints, they should apply to health institutions.


Ticks Prevention Methods

Things to do in open areas and individual precautions


What are the ways to prevent ticks?


  • Avoid dark clothes.

  • If possible, choose clothes that will cover exposed parts of your body such as arms and legs.

  • Use a protective spray.

  • Perform a visual check after camping, picnics and time spent in the potential open space.

  • Take measures for the protection of animals.


Correct Product, Correct Use

Of products such as spray, electrolyte.

Correct application for the highest effect


Which product should be used to protect against ticks?

In cases where individual precautions cannot be sufficient, tick repellent sprays sprayed on the body should be used. It should be checked whether the product to be selected is licensed by the Ministry of Health. Warnings such as age, usage dose, repetition interval should be read on the product label. Expired products with damaged packages should not be used. The products must be stored in accordance with the storage instructions.

What are the rules to be considered when using tick repellent spray?

  • Before use, the label information must be read.

  • Products that need to be shaken are shaken before applying to the body.

  • It is sprayed from a distance of 15-20 cm to the area to be applied and then spread to all exposed parts of the body with the help of hand.

  • Unless otherwise stated on the label, the products can be applied outside the eye and mouth area, but not on open wounds or areas with impaired skin integrity.

  • Spray particles must not be inhaled.

  • In applications for children, the product should always be squeezed into their own hands by their parents and then applied to the exposed parts of the child's body.

  • The products should always be kept out of the reach of children.

How long does the effect of the tick repellent spray last?

The protection period varies according to the active substance used in the products and the ratio of this active substance. For information, see the product label.

Tick repellent sprays should be reapplied after factors such as perspiration or contact with water.

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