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1. Things To Be Curious About House Flies

Do houseflies bite, where do they breed, do they transmit disease?

2. Protection Methods From House Flies

Things to do in indoor and outdoor areas

3. Correct Product, Correct Use

Repellent spray, lethal sprays

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* The information given is for the housefly species called Musca Domestica, which is the most common in our country.

** The information provided on this site is not for diagnostic or therapeutic purposes, but for informational purposes.


Wondering About House Flies

Do houseflies bite, where do they breed, do they infect?


How do house flies feed?

It provides the taste function of house flies with their legs. In this way, they perceive with their legs whether the food they put on them is sweet, salty or sour. Houseflies, which need sweet foods the most, suck the food with one of the two proboscis that emerge while feeding, and liquefy non-liquid foods by secreting saliva with the other.


Do houseflies bite?

House flies have no teeth, they absorb food by liquefying it through their hoses.


Where do house flies breed?

Houseflies mostly lay their eggs in hot and humid places, feces and dumps.


Do house flies transmit disease?

Yes, houseflies can carry many diseases and transmit them to humans through their feces. In addition to the saliva and feces they secrete during feeding, they also carry bacteria, viruses and microbes to the surfaces they navigate through contamination. Diseases they transmit include tuberculosis, cholera, diarrhea, dysentery, and hepatitis. They can also cause food poisoning.


House Flies Prevention Methods


Performing in indoor and outdoor areas


What precautions should be taken against house flies?

The most important step in the fight against house flies is to control the larvae and disrupt their life cycle. The struggles such as larval spraying are done by professionals.


In the individual fight against house flies, there are certain measures that can be taken from the use of the product, these are:


  • To pay attention to hygiene rules to avoid providing a suitable environment for house flies to breed.

  • Preventing food from staying in open areas

  • Avoiding animal feces or carcasses

  • Using mosquito nets and bed nets in living areas



Correct Product, Correct Use

Repellent sprays, lethal sprays

What types of products are available against house flies?

Products that can be used against house flies are divided into two. In addition to fly repellent sprays applied directly to the body, liquid housefly killer or aerosol sprays used to kill house flies can also be used.

How to choose the right fly repellent spray?

First of all, it should be checked whether the product is licensed by the Ministry of Health. Warnings such as age, usage dose, repetition interval should be read on the product label. Expired products with damaged packages should not be used. The products must be stored in accordance with the storage instructions.

What are the rules to be considered when using fly repellent spray?

  • Before use, the label information must be read.

  • Products that need to be shaken are shaken before applying to the body.

  • It is sprayed from a distance of 15-20 cm to the area to be applied and then spread to all exposed parts of the body with the help of hand.

  • Unless otherwise stated on the label, the products can be applied outside the eye and mouth area, but not on open wounds or areas with impaired skin integrity.

  • Spray particles must not be inhaled.

  • In applications for children, the product should always be squeezed into their own hands by their parents and then applied to the exposed parts of the child's body.

  • The products should always be kept out of the reach of children.

How long do fly repellent sprays last?

The protection period varies according to the active substance used in the products and the ratio of this active substance. For information, see the product label.

Fly repellent sprays should be reapplied after factors such as perspiration or contact with water.

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How to combat houseflies indoors?

Apart from fly repellent spray in closed areas, aerosol or liquid killer sprays can be used to kill existing houseflies.

In addition, products such as electrically powered luminous fly killers, fly adhesives can also give effective results with the right environment and correct use.