Learn about the Aedes type mosquito, which is also seen in Turkey.

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Aedes mosquitoes, which have been seen in Turkey in recent years, are frequently seen as their incidence increases.

It is the subject of the news in the media. Although there are many types of Zika Virus, the species carrying the Zika Virus are generally

Aedes Aegypti and Aedes are Albopictus .

How to understand the genus Aedes?

Unlike other species, the Aedes genus is known for its black and white legs, larger body structure and slower movement. They also prefer to bite in the daytime. Observations showed that the Aedes mosquito bite caused longer itching and redness than other known mosquito bites, and the rash remained on the skin for a longer time, although it varied from person to person.

Are Aedes mosquitoes transmitted?

Although Aedes are particularly known as carriers of the Zika virus, they also carry Chikungunya and Dengue diseases. They transmit the Zika virus from an infected person to another person through transmission.

What are the symptoms of Zika Virus?

25% of cases infected with Zika Virus show symptoms. Although it has symptoms in the form of fever, nausea, redness of the eyes and joint pain, it is detected by clinical diagnosis and blood tests .

For detailed information about Zika Virus:üs-Hastaligi  

What are the ways to be protected from Zika Virus?

There is no vaccine or similar protection method against Zika Virus known to carry the Aedes genus. Prevention methods are individual. It is recommended to use fly repellent lotions in addition to measures such as long-sleeved and light-colored clothes and using mosquito nets.

Is Zerobite Herbal Extract Fly and Tick Repellent Spray effective against Aedes mosquitoes?

Yes, you can use Zerobite Spray to protect against Aedes mosquitoes. In clinical trials, Zerobite Spray has been proven to be effective against Aedes Aegypti for 4 hours. Be sure to read the label before using Zerobite Spray and be sure to apply the spray to all exposed parts of your body. Repeat the application after contact with liquids such as perspiration or water.